Tips For Claiming A Personal Injury

Tips For Claiming A Personal Injury

Personal injury is where a person sues someone else for intentionally injuring them. There are some cases covered under personal injury that an attorney in Reno has shared. They include medical malpractice, automobile accidents, and slip and fall accidents. There are some things you need to consider that can help you win your injury case. They include;

1. Document The Accident

You should be able to establish that the defendant injured you, therefore, need to document the accident. You can write down exactly what happened as this will help refresh your mind so that you don’t forget crucial details, you should take everything that took place on that day into account including the time of the day you were injured, the people present at the time and the weather also. You should even describe the defendant’s action after the injury, did he or she apologize or offer to cater for your medical bills.

2. Locate Witnesses

Look for people who might have seen what happened at the time of the injury. If you were with a friend, they could help you in finding additional witnesses. After finding them you can request them to make a brief statement of what they witnessed, you should get their full contacts as they might be required to present their accounts in court in case the case goes to trial. Witness statements are highly valued because they are not heavily invested in the results of the situation.

3. Take Photographs Of The Scene And Your Body

You should take photos of the scene where the injury occurred. In case it was a slip and fall accident you can take pictures of the area before the owner fixes the condition that may have resulted in the crash. Also, you should take photos of the city as it was when the accident occurred, for example, if the injury happened during the day do not make the pictures at night, take them during the day. You should also take photos of your injured body since some lawsuits could take a very long time to go to trial and chances are you would have healed by then. It is therefore advisable to also document the injuries

4. Hire An Attorney

You can look for personal injury lawyers from referrals by family members or friends who have interacted with personal injury lawyers before. You can also check online for personal injury lawyers. Once you’ve settled on the one, you can meet them and discuss the legal fees.

5. Gather Your Evidence

You can gather evidence based on the economic loss for example receipts showing how much you have spent on medical care since you were injured. If your property was damaged, you could also include that as evidence.

6. File A Complaint

After gathering the necessary evidence, your attorney can assist you in drafting and filing a complaint. The complaint contains the facts of the law suit. It also alleges that the defendant intentionally caused the injury.

7. Engage In A Discovery

Both the plaintiff and defendant will be required to request evidence from each other. They can also question each other.

8. Get A Medical Examination

This is usually a request by the defendant because the defendant does not want to compensate you so you should go for the medical examination in good time to avoid having the lawsuit to run for a more extended period.

9. Present Evidence And Witnesses

If your case successfully goes into the trial, you will be required to present all your physical evidence. In addition to this, your witnesses will also need to appear in court to testify against the defendant.

10. Wait For The Final Verdict

Once your attorney has helped you argue out your case, you should now wait for the final verdict from the judge.

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