Personal Injury: Vehicle Accidents and Medical Malpractice

Personal Injury: Vehicle accidents And Medical Malpractice

personal injury settlementAnytime a car accident can happen in every situation and condition on the road according to studies people that are less than five miles from are mostly involved in a car accident.

The most common cause of car accidents are:

Unsafe Driving
Traffic Gridlock

A car accident can happen in places like side streets, parking lot, highways and where you may least expect it and can result in different personal injuries.

There are different types of car accidents like:

personal injury settlementsHead-on collisions
Vehicle rollover
Side-impact crashes
Rear-end collisions
Sideswipe collisions
Single-car accidents
Hit-and-run accidents
Multiple vehicle collisions

A professional negligence medical malpractice is an act by a healthcare provider which the treatment done by any health care provider falls in the standard of medical practice that resulted to patient’s injury, and worse will be death. Most medical malpractice involves medical errors like giving the wrong prescription and wrong part of the body undertake a surgery.