Kinds Of Car Accident

The Rear-end and Side-impact Collisions in a Car Accident.

personal injury claimsRear-end collisions are one of the frequent traffic accidents when the car in front deaccelerate or the car in the back suddenly accelerates at a higher speed than the car in front. Rear end collision usually can result in a whiplash injury, and all of the passenger and the driver may get injured in this kind of traffic accident.

The Side-impact Collisions Can Cause Grave Injuries.

personal injury insuranceOften called T-bone or broadside collisions, The side-impact crashes can cause grave injuries. side-impact accidents happen when the car is hit on the side by the front or rear side of the other vehicle, and there are cases the side of the vehicle hits a fixed object. There is a chance that the driver and passenger may suffer in a far worse injury when they had a side impact collision than other types of car accident.